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USAdvisors partnered with Secura Consultants in 2011 to bring our advisors access to one of the top disability insurance brokerage firms in the country. Founded in 1995, their team has always been engaged in one mission: To provide the best products, the most creative solutions and top tier services to the brokers who trust their clients to them!

Why Secura Consultants?

Secura Consultants offers a full suite of disability insurance products and services. More importantly, is the expertise and relationships they deliver.

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How Does Their Team Work?

Marketing Team Because of our unique affiliation, you have access to a Disability Insurance Specialist at Secura Consultants. Lee Heidgerken, Senior Brokerage Director, will work with you to shop the marketplace, determine the best possible solution for your client, and be made available for point of sale assistance if needed.

Statistics tell us that when an advisor brings in a specialist to help close a sale, their chances of success increase by 55 percent! (Health Insurance Underwriting: News and Tips for America’s Benefits Professionals)

Sales Consultants Disability Event Consultants can work directly with your clients, review their disability income insurance options, take applications and assist with policy delivery. With over 90 percent close ratio, Disability Event Consultants will ensure more personalized service and sales success with your clients.

New Business Team The Back Room at Secura Consultants assists advisors on all new or policy service processes. This begins by reviewing applications and handling all aspects of the underwriting process. The New Business Team also manages all policy preparation and final placement procedures at insurance carriers; all the while guaranteeing the very best possible solution for your clients on every case, every time.

Policy Services Team Secura Consultants serves beyond policy placement, which is an aspect of their firm that truly sets them apart from “the rest”. They are the only disability brokerage firm in the country that performs annual reviews for: Modified policies, future purchase options, multi-life and group cases (placed business and previous prospects).

From start to finish, Secura Consultants’ platform guarantees your clients receive better value for every premium dollar they spend.

Secura Consultants will follow through on their promises and their value proposition continues throughout the life of any policy placed through their firm!

Disability Insurance – An Underserved Market with Enormous Opportunity

According to the Consumer Federation of America, Unum and LIMRA studies, 90 percent of Americans indicate they want disability insurance when asked about this coverage. Only 26 percent of United States’ households are covered by disability insurance.

Clearly this is a marketplace being overlooked, underserved… and ripe for the picking!

A sale for too long perceived as hard, difficult or too expensive has never had greater opportunity to be easy and affordable for your clients. With rising costs of medical care, an unexpected accident or illness quickly creates financial hardships for families whose incomes may already be impacted by the state of the American economy. Being forced to take an unplanned, unpaid vacation for almost three years (the average long term disability lasts 31.2 months according to the Council For Disability Awareness), is not something anyone would choose to endure.

When unexpected illness or accident strikes your clients, it is your responsibility to make sure they are financially prepared. Your clients trust you to ensure they are financially secure in all risk situations: Death, retirement, investments – But, with disability being three times more likely to happen than death, if one of your clients called today after receiving a cancer diagnosis, or getting injured in a car crash, and indicated they would be out of work for a prolonged period of time, perhaps forever - What’s their plan?

Marty Traynor, vice president of voluntary benefits and group products at Mutual of Omaha, was quoted in June 2012 saying:

“…We have a long way to go in getting the word out on disability income protection. As an industry, we simply do not get enough credit for what we do in managing disability insurance benefits. Our products provide an array of options that have been deeply thought through and have been market tested for years. All we need to do is get the word out!”

Disability Insurance Sales Tools

  1. 1.Needs Calculator from The Council for Disability Awareness:
  2. 2.Personal Disability Quotient (PDQ) from The Council for Disability Awareness – Calculates a client’s chances of becoming disabled: PDF version here:
  3. 3.Earnable Income Quotient (EIQ) from The Council for Disability Awareness – Calculates how much of a client’s income is at stake without a disability insurance plan:
  4. 4.Defend Your Income Website from The Council for Disability Awareness – A fun, interactive tool for clients to learn about the common causes of disability (a fun way to approach an otherwise serious topic):
  5. 5.Disability Insurance Needs Calculator from LIFE Foundation







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With a multitude of insurance products on the market, whether Long Term Care, Disability, Life Insurance, etc., researching carriers and their products can be overwhelming and time consuming.   USAdvisors Insurance reduces my time researching products, carriers, and/or planning strategies.  I commend the work and support that I continually receive from this firm in making my business more productive, and most importantly, helping my clients met their financial objectives.

Jolene Johnson, Financial Advisor, Kemper Capital Management LLC, Evansville, IN

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